Call 800.278.1138 or Get Started Now is dedicated to the financial success of all our clients. We commit to continually improve the value of our services by providing excellent customer service through reliable credit counseling, compliant payment processing and dependable customer support. This is not a loan or new line of credit. With our services you can pay significantly less, pay off your debt faster, make one affordable monthly payment, and build strong money management skills. Determining which plan is right for you really depends on your particular situation including the type of debt you have, your income and ability to make consistent payments, and what you agree is affordable. We will walk you through your choices so that you can understand which path works best for you.

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How it works

Reduce Interest RatesReduce Interest Rates

Convert your high compound interest rate to a lower fixed rate!

Consolidate DebtConsolidate Debt

Pay fewer bills by consolidating your unsecured debt into one low monthly payment!

Payoff DebtBe Debt Free in 4 Years

Payoff your debt faster with low fixed interest rates and payments!

Budget Care


  • Financial Freedom is just a phone call away!
  • We can help reduce your credit card interest rates by as much as 90%.
  • Money back guarantee!
  • Call and speak with one of our Certified Credit Counselors for a free debt analysis.


Tips for Financial Success

  • Spend less than you earn.
  • Cut up your credit cards.
  • Stop using credit cards to make it to the next paycheck.
  • Avoid eating out.
  • Don’t pay off your credit card balance from an emergency account.
  • Make a budget – Purpose every dollar
  • Be on the same page as your spouse or partner.
  • Create a realistic budget.
  • Examine your expenses and eliminate the unnecessary
  • Be patient.
  • Save up the money and buy it with cash.
  • Track your expenses
  • Think about your goals.
  • Put a note in your wallet with this text: “Do I really need this?”
  • See yourself as completely debt free. FREEDOM! What is that going feel like. Imagine it.




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Budget Care


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